We Shape
Your Projects

Shaping Life.

It is in our hands to create solutions that mould themselves to the specific needs of each project; making each space give the best shape to everyone’s life.

Every day we make a commitment to quality delivery at every stage of the project: from development to production and implementation.

Acrylic Resin


Acrylic resin is the ideal surface for multiple projects thanks to its versatility. It can be applied indoors or outdoors, in vertical and horizontal, smooth or curved extensions and can be thermoformed to a range of shapes.

Phenolic Compacts


The Phenolic Compact is a highly resistant and durable product. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Available in a very wide range of colours, it guarantees unlimited applications.

Recent Projects

So that the whole process runs smoothly, right through to the final result, we value working in partnership with architectural and interior design offices, assuming that together we will always manage to add even more value to all projects.



Less is More

Quem nunca ouviu a famosa expressão lançada por Mies Van Der Rohe e Robert Venturi, respetivamente?

Tendências Banho 2021

The arrival of a new year is always a good reason to take stock of the previous year and start new projects. Why not give your home a new lease of life?

What are your suggested pantone colours for 2021?

According to pantone, grey and yellow are the colours of choice for the year 2021.