Schools are one of the most important workplaces. With ergonomic furniture, the school becomes a positive working environment where learning and personal development are at the centre. A dynamic and flexible space is required that supports the various needs of pupils and teachers.

Designed to meet the needs of schools and nurseries, providing them with the right tools for modern teaching practice. We seek to identify the needs of their users, professionals and students, creating functional solutions with materials of great strength and durability. Furniture capable of resisting the energetic use of children, but also daily cleaning and disinfection with abrasive cleaning products.

We present integrated solutions for classrooms, corridors, libraries, changing rooms and bathrooms applying acrylic and phenolic resins to wall coverings, counters and worktops, washbasins, lockers, benches and chairs, tables and accessories.

Office & Retail

To build a strong employer brand for the future, companies need to offer work environments that are adapted to both our bodies and our minds.

By creating ergonomic workplaces that make users able to move actively, such as standing desks / tables and ergonomic office chairs, the risks of work-related injuries are effectively reduced. Counters, workbenches, shelves, tables, lighting fixtures and decorative objects.

Infinite design solutions. From a solid resin plate, in any colour, a unique object can emerge.


Shaping Life.

We are committed to developing complete furniture lines that combine design and functionality. We present solutions that allow us to enhance and take advantage of each space, according to its specific needs. We combine materials, giving priority to acrylic and phenolic resins, in order to obtain robust and resistant pieces.


We seek to provide a global response to the furniture needs for health units such as Hospitals, Clinics, Nurseries and Laboratories.

Each type of health unit requires its own range of furniture pieces.

We present complete furniture solutions for the health sector in furniture that combines acrylic and phenolic resins: Reception benches, workstations, cupboards, tables, beds, chairs and benches and accessories.

All the furniture is designed with ergonomics and functionality in mind and complies with a set of safety standards and specifications.

The range of furniture for laboratories includes: furniture, benches and shelves, washing and dumping units, ventilation, safety cabinets, components and accessories.


We produce diversified solutions for kitchen, bathroom, furniture and lighting. We guarantee a functional, resistant and aesthetic end result that is always in line with the client’s wishes.

Bathtubs, shower bases, countertops, countertops with integrated washbasins, washbasins and accessories.

Whether they are custom-made or pre-fabricated products, we guarantee easy maintenance, resistance and durability. Countertops, washbasins, countertops with integrated washbasins, accessories and decorative coatings. Perfect finish, without visible joints. Maximum hygiene, easy cleaning and maintenance. Balancing design and functionality.