The arrival of a new year is always a good reason to take stock of the previous year and start new projects. Why not give your home a new lease of life? The year 2020 has made us see our homes as places of shelter, where we feel safe.  Hygiene has become a priority, especially in high-traffic environments like bathrooms. The 2021 trends for interiors take into account all these new concerns about cleanliness of spaces, without sacrificing design.

 The combination of the right materials guarantees greater cleanliness and hygiene of spaces. Our suggestion is to take advantage of the excellent resistance and total absence of porosity of phenolic and acrylic resin, which prevents the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. Acrylic and phenolic resins offer original finishes with different pigments, veins and an incredible texture and feel.

The big trend for 2021 is, therefore, easy-to-clean surfaces, where suspended furniture gains prominence. Hanging worktops offer a wide variety of configurations: complete units with washbasin and drawers or just countertop and washbasin, sets or completely separate pieces.

Turn your bathroom into a retreat, a peaceful place with practical yet stylish countertop units.

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